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Christmas Lights UP is proud to be the premier local resource for holiday lighting and decorating. However, we know that you may have questions about the process, so review some of the FAQs we hear throughout the season.

Why Would I Consider Hiring A Professional Christmas Decorator?

The primary reason home and business owners hire us is to reduce the stress that comes with holiday decorating. Almost everyone wants to decorate their exterior; they just don't want to design, install, maintain, remove, and store. Plus, customers can receive more specialized Christmas lights by letting an industry professional handle the task.

Do You Work With Residential & Commercial Lighting?

At Christmas Lights UP, we're privileged enough to take care of residential and commercial Christmas lighting installation. Spreading holiday cheer is a community-wide event, and that should include homes and local businesses.

Will I Have To Store The Holiday Lights You Install?

One of the reasons so many people sign up for our service is we'll even store the lighting! Once the holiday has passed, our staff will remove the lights and store them away for safekeeping until next year. That means no mess, no tangled cords, and lots of freed up space for storing other items.

Can You Help Design My Holiday Light Set Up?

Our design service makes it easier to enjoy the results of the job, instead of stressing over it. You can gladly share your input or leave all of the design work to us and be as surprised as your neighbors once your light-up display comes to life.

How much does it cost?

Homes with just lights across the front roof line are only $500 to $700 but most of our installations average around $1500.

Who owns the lights and decorations?

The lights and decorations are part of the service that we offer, and are the property of Christmas Lights Up LLC.

What type of lights do you install?

All our lights are energy efficient LED’s.

How do I get on the schedule for installation?

Once you approve the design and pay a 50% deposit, we will schedule your installation.

What happens on installation day?

You will be contacted the day before to remind you we are coming. When our trained and insured crew arrives, they will install your display in a quick and professional manner. Upon leaving there should be no trace of us having been there other than your Christmas display.

Do I need to be there for installation?

You are not required to be there for us to do the installation. Your display will be fully installed and set to automatically come on that night at dusk for you to enjoy.

What if one of the lights goes out.

Simply give us a call or an email, we will come to your house within 48 hours and repair or replace any issues.

Our HOA limits how long Christmas lights can be up, what do we do?

We will work with you to have your lights removed within the time limit you may have. We will also leave you instructions on how to turn your lights off and on as needed. All lights will be removed by the end of January.

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