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Christmas Lights UP is proud to be a provider and leading local resource in Metro Atlanta for commercial Christmas lighting installation. Dazzle and impress your customers - current and potential ones - with a holiday display that will really draw attention.

It's difficult to emphasize the importance and value of having a holiday lighting exhibit, especially for a business. Whether you're a local franchise or a mom-and-pop startup, you must connect with locals.

Our Christmas lights experts are here to help make that possible for you by taking care of every exterior Christmas display detail. From design and installation to removal and storage, we do it all.

In fact, we'll even take care of maintenance along the way. Show the local community members that you care and convert browsers into shoppers with a warm and inviting seasonal display.

Commercial Christmas Lighting Consultation & Design Experts

Before we can get to the commercial Christmas lighting installation, there's another step that comes first. Our design and consultation services are integral in making the whole process a great success.

We're not using the same cookie-cutter approach to all of our holiday lighting jobs. The consultation and design part of the display planning and installation is how we get to know your business better.

What's the message you want to convey? Do you want a simple and classic display or a colorful and festive one?

All of these are details that really matter when it comes to your Christmas lights' final look. When planning a design for Christmas lights for a commercial building, some ideas for design are:

  • Programable LED colored lights
  • Simple white lights make a statement
  • Multi-color lights create a sense of warmth
  • LED lights demonstrate your concern for the environment

We can work with large or small storefronts. We can get creative by using existing stationary features like shrubs or awnings.

A Professional Commercial Christmas Lighting Installer - Helping Your Business To Look Great For The Holiday Season

It's good to have a reliable resource for commercial Christmas lighting installation. It allows you to focus on running your business while letting a trusted industry expert handle holiday decor.

This differs from residential Christmas lighting installation because the goal is also to attract customers. Why do people flock to commercial spaces that are decorated for the holidays?

  • Evokes the Christmas spirit
  • Showcases a business they may not have noticed before
  • Reminds people to pick out a forgotten gift
  • Creates a sense of joy
  • Converts even the biggest Scrooge

For many people who haven't even gotten around to putting up lights on their home, being out and about and seeing holiday lights helps inspire some Christmas spirit. Make sure that you're not left out while the neighboring businesses are all decked out.

Just like the dark house in the neighborhood on Halloween, your lack of participation in holiday decorating won't go unnoticed. Get together with your fellow commercial neighbors and create a festive look - or stand-alone and leave your competition in the dark.

We Handle All Christmas Lighting Repairs And Maintenance For Your Business

One of the most common reasons we hear from business owners as the excuse for neglecting to put out Christmas lights is the upkeep. The good news is that Christmas Lights UP will also provide you with holiday lighting maintenance and repairs.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you and eliminate any reason you may have come up with for skipping the holiday season display this year. A primary goal for businesses anywhere and any time of year is to create photo opportunities.

Getting shared on social media isn't just a great way to get free advertising; it's the only way to stay relevant in this day and age. Setting up spaces that encourage visitors and shoppers to take a selfie and tag your place of business is integral for survival and success.

However, creating a selfie station and then neglecting to care for it will have the opposite effect. You can end up sending once-loyal customers away when they find burned-out bulbs in your holiday exhibit.

If you want your business holiday lighting setup to attract attention for all the right reasons, leave the work to our team. From installation to removal, and all of the maintenance in between, we're your go-to team and one-stop-shop resource.

No More Headaches: We Remove & Store Your Business Christmas Lighting & Decor Every Year

There's a certain level of excitement when it comes to putting out the seasonal decorations. However, nothing is quite as depressing as putting it all away.

Not only is the joy of the festive season gone, now you have a lingering chore to deal with. However, when you hire Christmas Lights UP to do your display, you'll be glad to know we take care of the removal and storage. Why is this such a significant perk?

  • Eliminate safety concerns for staff
  • Clear away trip-and-fall hazards for customers
  • Avoid wasting man-hours on removal
  • Prevent the mess from removal and storage
  • Retain your much-needed commercial storage space

What could you possibly be waiting for? Now is the perfect time to call us and schedule your commercial Christmas lighting installation for Metro Atlanta or the surrounding locations.

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