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Christmas Lights UP is dedicated to helping our customers embrace the holiday spirit. Our residential Christmas lighting installation is the best way for you and your family to feel like it's the most wonderful time of the year.

The holiday display we'll create for your home's exterior is bound to get the whole neighborhood feeling excited about the holiday season. From classic and understated to colorful and festive, our team of Christmas lights experts will create a seasonal display you thought you could only dream of.

Our residential and commercial Christmas lighting installation helps set the mood and cause the whole community to start thinking that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Start early this year by letting our crew set up your lights so that you can have the most festive house on the block.

Residential Christmas Lighting Design Available

The first step in your Christmas Lights Up experience is your design consultation. This can be either in person with proper social distancing and mask or entirely over the phone with no personal contact.

Whether you are decorating for the kids, for your big holiday party, or just to make the most of the holiday season, we're here to help. Sometimes, the primary reason a homeowner doesn't want to decorate their home is the hassle of the design process. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by planning, plotting, and designing.

Whether you have a grand idea in mind or no creative vision at all, our job is to bring a concept to fruition. Imagine having the most beautiful and festive home on the street without lifting a finger to make that happen.

We use all LED lights for safety and energy. LED lights produce virtually no heat and use less than 75% of the energy of older incandescent bulbs.

A Professional Residential Christmas Lighting Installer - Ready To Help

Step Two of our process is the installation. We use only trained crews with years of experience not only climbing and working on ladders but also experienced working on roofs.

We are fully insured both with liability and worker compensation.

Why should you hire a professional to take care of your residential Christmas lighting installation? Or more appropriately, why do you need an expert to handle the job for you?

The primary reason to leave this job to a professional company is safety. There's no reason to take risks when it comes to a project that's supposed to bring joy, like installing Christmas lights.

Falls are the #1 accident in the home and can land well-meaning homeowners in the emergency room each holiday season. Take a load off and leave the hard work to our trained and experienced crew.

No More Worries About Christmas Lighting Repairs Or Maintenance For Your Home

Third step in our process is maintaining your Christmas Light display. We will replace or repair any issue or outage in 36-48 hours from your contacting us.

What's more frustrating than carefully removing your lights from storage, checking them, planning a design, and hanging it all up, only to have it fail? You may even get a day or two of the full display from it before it begins to stop working correctly.

Either way, no one wants a half-lit lighting exhibit. It not only looks terrible, but it's also enough to make you decide not to do it again next year - or ever. The good news is that one of the services that we provide for our displays is ongoing maintenance.

We'll make sure that your holiday lights are sparkling, twinkling, and spreading holiday cheer, all season long. What's the point of having holiday lights if they aren't maintained?

Our mission is to make your house look festive without you giving it another thought - all through the holidays. Even when the issue isn't obvious and apparent, we're experts at troubleshooting.

We'll resolve any existing lighting problems in a prompt and professional manner. Your lights and overall customer satisfaction are our concern and top priority.

We Remove & Store Your Home's Christmas Lights Every Year

The Fourth and for this year the final step is we will remove and store the lights until next year.

Taking down your lights and the dismal task of storing them is a top reason for skipping putting them up in the first place. It's the same level of possible danger involved in taking the lights down as putting them up, but without any reward.

The task of putting everything away neat and organized seems impossible and then to top it all off, you have to give up precious storage space in your garage, attic, or shed just to house all your decorations until next year.

What if there was a way around all of that? At Christmas Lights UP, we also take them down!

Even better, we take care of all the storage for the lights we use for our customers' holiday displays each year. If that alone isn't reason enough to hire us for our services, we don't know what is.

We're your local holiday resource for:

  • Design and Consultation Services
  • Holiday Light Installation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Light Removal
  • Holiday Light and Decor Storage

It's never too early to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Call us today, and let's get started on your residential Christmas lighting installation for your home in Metro Atlanta or surrounding areas.

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